Vintage Book

Need a quick vintage center piece look?

Try this book planter idea.

Not only is this simple planting idea creative,

it will last forever! Enjoy.

source: greenweddingshoes


Upcycling for Winos

Whether you’re planning an event or sprucing up your home, there are endless DIY projects for upcycling wine corks and crates. Here are a few fun examples to spark your inspiration.

Source: Cleverly Inspired

Source: LLH Designs

Source: Ardent Photography

Source: The Flash Dance

Complete DIY Instruction on Vintage Chic.

Source: Just Chic Events

Make Your Garden Party Glow

I found this super simple DIY project on Grow Creative to create glowing lanterns, perfect for summertime get-togethers. All you need is recycled tin cans, spray paint, a few tools, and voila! Pretty lanterns that can be customized for any color palette! Check out the instructions here.

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