Halloween is just right around the corner! Gather up your friends and get them into the spooky spirit with these neat party ideas!

Have some fun with your dessert table. Add all the orange, purple and black you can add and don’t forget, those spooky faces and Jack-O-Lanterns to add to the spirit.

Happy Halloween!

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Taco Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! Its that time of the week were we are all expecting to eat tacos. Mix it up a bit and host a Taco Tuesday in your backyard! Pick up some salsa, invite your friends, and you’ve got a party.

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Cupcake Bar

Can’t decide what flavored cupcakes to have for your event?

Why not have a “Build Your Own” cupcake bar?

The “Build Your Own” cupcake bar, not only allows your guests to create their own personalized cupcake but its easy and fun!

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OC’s Big Red Barn

Looking for a big red barn? Well don’t look too far.

Strawberry Farms, located in the city of Irvine, has what you’re looking for. This beautiful outdoor barn is unique and filled with character. Around the barn the scenery is exquisitely filled with rolling hills, white picket fences and blooming flowers. What more can you ask for? This location is very popular so if you’re wanting to book an event make sure you book early!

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Source: StrawberyFarmsGolfClub